Buyer Representation

Should you find yourself in need of legal representation, entrust Shea Practice Transitions’ seasoned attorneys to guide you and ensure that your interests are being served.

If you have found a practice on your own that you wish to acquire, Shea Practice Transitions is able to:

  • Determine whether the proposed purchase price and terms are reasonable;
  • Draft and/or negotiate all necessary documents to facilitate the purchase;
  • Provide counsel on how to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Have you been offered a buy-in to the practice at which you are currently an associate? Shea Practice Transitions can help ensure that you are paying an equitable price with fair terms. Shea Practice Transitions can:

  • Help ensure that you are paying an equitable price with fair terms;
  • Draft and negotiate all necessary documents to ensure an equitable “partnership” during the period of time you are an owner with the other doctor(s);
  • Establish clear/distinctive terms for the eventual buy-out of a departing doctor, whether by retirement, death, disability etc.

Have you received an associate agreement from a prospective employer? We will review the agreement on your behalf to provide you with confidence that your contract not only serves your needs and interests, but also falls within industry standards for an associate.

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