Practice Appraisals

Shea Practice Transitions — the Premier Appraiser in the Upper Midwest

Since 1985, Shea Practice Transitions has assisted with the buying and selling of hundreds of dental practices. As a charter member of American Dental Sales (ADS) — an association of premier practice transition companies throughout the United States – we have the most extensive database of comparable practice sales of any entity in the country. Shea Practice Transitions also participates in the Practice Value Study Group that reviews and analyzes dental practice values and trends throughout the country giving you the best background, expertise and judgment in the appraisal of your dental practice.

Most appraisers use rigid formulas in order to ascertain a practice’s value. It is our opinion that rigid formulas do not take into account the various elements of the dental practice which make it unique from other dental practices. Shea Practice Transitions analyzes comparable sales in order to track market values and trends in the dental industry. Shea Practice Transitions goes farther in its analysis with considerations of these comparable sales and its unsurpassed understanding of the dental practice marketplace. Simply put, we have the most thorough and accurate practice appraisals in the business! EXPERIENCE MATTERS when it comes to determining the true fair market value of your life’s work!

Some purposes for a practice appraisal are:

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