Selling Your Dental Practice

The decision to list your dental practice for sale can be one of the most personal and important decisions of your professional career. When you list your dental practice for sale, you should have certain expectations of your dental practice broker.


A thorough valuation must be performed so you have an accurate idea for your dental practice’s sales price. At Shea Practice Transitions, we use numerous valuation methods to determine the true value of your dental practice in the open market. Your expectation should be that you will sell your dental practice for its appraised value.


Once your dental practice is listed for sale, how does the dental broker market your dental practice? At Shea Practice Transitions, we use a multi-layered approach, utilizing ads on websites, social media, print and emails as well as old fashioned phone calls. Listing your dental practice with all those various methods allows for the greatest exposure of your dental practice being available.

All the details in between

When you list your dental practice for sale with Shea Practice Transitions, we do much more than simply play matchmaker. If your dental practice is in the metro area, we will handle all the showings of your dental practice. We will assist in answering due diligence questions of the perspective buyer and their advisors. We will work with the lenders to ensure you receive the full purchase price in cash at closing. We will cultivate the highest and best offers for your dental practice. After you have selected an offer to accept, one of our licensed attorneys will draft and negotiate all necessary documents on your behalf.

Transition between parties

Once there is a signed agreement to purchase your dental practice, we will assist in one of the most important and overlooked parts of the sale of the dental practice…..the transition. We will put on a full transition meeting with you, your staff, and the buyer prior to closing to address all the necessary steps in transitioning ownership from you to the buyer. There are many things that need to be done by all parties to ensure the transition is a success. When you list your dental practice with Shea Practice Transitions, we will do everything we can to make this success a reality.
Listing your dental practice for sale with Shea Practice Transitions is different than any other dental practice broker. Shea Practice Transitions has the most experience in the upper Midwest. With this experience comes expertise. Expertise results in the most thorough, comprehensive representation you can find in a dental practice broker. This is what you should expect when you decide to list your dental practice for sale and it is what you will receive from Shea Practice Transitions.
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